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At the Saint-Sulpice Hotel, we invite you to Indulge Your Imagination while you stay with us - gaze upon the world through a new lens during your stay and revel in new experiences.! Short film, art exhibition and litterature are a few surprises we prepared to make your stay unique and memorable!


What began with the screening of our short film La Valise, produced by the hotel, continues to unfold in the immersive experience of Jean-Claude Poitras’ permanent exhibition, Body & Soul.

Jean-Claude Poitras is a famous Quebec designer. Early on, his collections were celebrated on prestigious fashion runways across the globe and he soon was acclaimed as Canada’s leading fashion light. He then turned is talents to reimagining dining elegance and interior design. Now he devotes himself to painting.

Using your cell phone or tablet, log on to www.hotelgalerie.ca for an immersive visit. We invite you to immerse yourself in the artist's universe, where his poetry marvelously intertwines with the musical variations of Quebec composer François Dompierre.


It all came together with the idea of offering the gift of reading to our guests. We invited authors, to stay at the hotel to get inspired to write a short story. Detective story, poem, fiction, and romantic and historical short story are the styles that make for a rich and original collection, to be offered to hotel guests. Clients will also be able to obtain copies at the reception desk, with all proceeds being donated to the Literacy Foundation

Chrystine Brouillet, Kim Thúy, Geneviève Brouillette, Jacques Côté, Claudia Larochelle, Denis Vaugeois, Alain Mabanckou, Denis Grozdanovitch, Steven Raichlen, Anthony de Sa, CS  Richardson, Ishmael Reed, Saloni Kaul are  the 14 great authors who accepted immediately and enthusiastically our invitation to indulge your imagination!

Suite Stories, a collection of short stories to read in the comfort of your suite during your stay!

Read the short story written by Steven Raichlen


A first in Quebec! The hotel produced a short film in 2012 to celebrate its 10th Anniversary. An innovative and unique way to visit the hotel by watching the story of 4 guests and a mysterious suitcase, who have checked-in at the hotel...

In addition of producing the short film, the hotel created a film's promotion campaign inspired by that of big cinematographic productions. Teasers presented at international festivals and television, dedicated microsite, postering throughout Montreal, and a Première -Red carpet event with journalists, VIPs and artists, held in the Saint-Sulpice courtyard gardens.

Clic on this great 90 seconds video and discover the full story of this great adventure that has been rewarded: we won Gold at Grands prix du Tourisme Québécois 2013 and the Grand Prize at the 2013 Worldwide Hospitality Awards in Paris.

During your stay you can watch the movie in the confort of your suite on the TV channel 76!
Watch the short-film