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A surge of artistic passion inspired us to open a gallery in the Saint-Sulpice Hotel. Quite simply the magic of famous Quebec Designer Jean-Claude Poitras’ artwork captivated us.

Discover his work on all 5 floors of the hotel.

For an immersive tour, we invite you to select the floor where you are by clicking the main menu or by scrolling down this page, and click the orange button ‘play’.

  • 2nd Floor


    Text by Jean-Claude Poitras, music by François Dompierre:
    Les portes tournantes

    The cicadas are agitated, they’re on edge
    They emerge and hide again
    As the roses lose their bloom
    In a forest of broken hearts
    Life is like a film
    Women on the wind in love with freedom

    The Cicadas is the reflection of the fashion designer’s soul.
    These drawings are true homage to the female form. 
    Indian ink, acrylic and mixed media on rice paper

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    Text by Jean-Claude Poitras, music by François Dompierre:
    Vague à l’âme

    My imagination is winged with
    Endless night and film noir
    I imagine you already aloft in the firmament
    Angels pass
    A hint of melancholy and the soul is swept in the evening’s wave
    As if for eternity

    With Embossed Jean-Claude Poitras restates his passion for abstract expressionism with the dialectic of black and white, positive and negative.
    Chiefly acrylic (for its density and remarkable texture) on handcrafted Quebec paper made of recycled cotton

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  • 4th Floor


    Text by Jean-Claude Poitras, music by François Dompierre:
    Violons du diable

    Come hell or high water
    Behind every shadow is inevitable light
    I want to hear beyond your words
    Life may bear a fuller soul
    A legacy of perfume
    A complicit glance
    Let me dream of dawn

    Early black and white experiments on canvas. The abstract forms are the expression of an artistic quest for purity and movement.
    Acrylic on canvas.

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  • 5th Floor


    Texte by Jean-Claude Poitras, read by Karin Janssen, music by François Dompierre, violin-player Angèle Dubeau:
    Fantasia improvisto cordes

    Forever rediscovering the joy of life dancing
    to the rhythm of my vagabond soul
    I sail between shoals of my life and my desires
    towards new horizons
    Good night, sweet dreams
    Take up the dance and find a child’s soul, again
    My ready to love from here,
    there and everywhere
    An ode to the joy of being
    An invitation to the fiesta!

    The explosive colours of the Boas & Furbelows collection underline his affection for the inks and pastels of automatism.
    Works on Washi paper – a traditional Japanese handcrafted paper following millennial old methods

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  • 6th Floor


    Text by Jean-Claude Poitras, music by François Dompierre:
    Reste avec moi instant 1

    Shadows redolent
    Of that moment of looming clouds
    We are born alone and die alone
    I love loving madly
    The day I stop dreaming will signal my end
    My life will have been a stroll
    I clothe myself in you
    I was just passing by
    Tracing Isadora Duncan’s path

    An innovative work with ink of ceramic pigments applied to the glass plate, which was then fired in a high technology kiln for a permanent inlay.

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Jean-Claude Poitras remarkable body of work stretches back to 1972. Early on, his collections were celebrated on prestigious fashion runways across the globe and he soon was acclaimed as Canada’s leading fashion light. His international renown earned him the Ordre national du Québec as well as the Order of Canada. He then turned is talents to reimagining dining elegance and interior design. Now he devotes himself to painting and is represented by Gallery Roccia, of Montreal.

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François Dompierre is one of Quebec’s most important living composers. His range is vast: popular music and musical theatre, concert music and, most importantly, film scores created for directors Denis Arcand, Michel Brault, Alain Chartrand, André Melançon, Claude Chabrol… He also guest conducts and has led the Opéra de Paris, Bulgarian Radio Orchestra, Vancouver Symphony, Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal and the Orchestre Symphonique de Québec. He continues to work with artists of the highest calibre and hosts “Les Détours de Dompierre” on Radio-Canada’s Espace Musique every Sunday.

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