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In March, we support RT21

In March, Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal supports ‘Regroupement pour la trisomie 21’


In March we invite all guests staying at the hotel for more than 2 nights to refuse their housekeeping service. For each day of refusal, the hotel pays $5 to an association or organization that is mobilizing for causes that are close to our hearts.

Thanks to the green program introduced since June 2022, we financially support associations and we reduce our ecological footprint, by reducing the use of household cleaning products, changes of sheets and towels. because every gesture counts!

This month, our colleague Alice Jean-Tremblay, culture & talents coordinator, chose the Regroupement pour la Trisomie 21 (RT21), which she has personally actively supported for years.

‘I have had a special affection for Down Syndrome group since I was young. When I was in elementary school in Quebec City, my best friend had Down syndrome. All the other kids asked me why I was friends with her. I never saw a difference between her and me. My fondest memories at school are with her. For my 18th birthday party, I collected donations for this organization and when I was asked what cause I would like to support for our green program, I did not hesitate to get involved with the Down Syndrome group. Plus, International Down Syndrome Day is March 21, a few days after my birthday.’

RT21 Mission

RT21 is a Quebec non-profit organization whose mission is to foster the full development of people with trisomy 21, promote their contribution to society and defend their rights. RT21 also help the families, caregivers and professionals who support them.

What is trisomy 21? Trisomy 21, also called Down syndrome, is a congenital condition caused by the presence of an extra chromosome on the 21st pair of chromosomes. It is not a disease, it cannot be caught and it cannot be cured. In people with trisomy 21, there are particularities such as cognitive delay as well as distinctive anatomical characteristics that vary from person to person. The incidence is approximately one case per 770 births. This increases with maternal age. Trisomy 21 is generally not hereditary but random.


21 questions about trisomy 21 to learn more and answer your questions about trisomy 21

We thank our guests in advance for their support during their stay at the hotel.

The team Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal

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