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Hidden Gems in Montreal in July 2024


Montreal is a vibrant city that constantly reinvents itself, offering plenty of activities during the summer for both residents and visitors. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a foodie, or an adventurer looking for new experiences, Montreal has something to offer for everyone.

En juillet, la ville s’anime encore plus avec des événements et activités pour tous les goûts. Découvrez les meilleures choses à faire à Montréal en juillet 2024 et laissez-vous charmer par la métropole québécoise. Que vous vous demandiez que faire à Montréal en juillet ou que faire à Montréal cet été en général, nous avons sélectionné pour vous des activités incontournables. Pour d’autres idées d’activités et de découvertes, pensez à consulter les offres spéciales de l’Hôtel Saint-Sulpice.

The Cabaret at the Monastère Garden

For an unforgettable evening in the heart of Montreal, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Monastère Garden. This unique space immerses you in a magical and extraordinary atmosphere, definitely one of Montreal’s hidden gems. The Monastère Cabaret offers a unique experience with its “Circus Guinguette,” an enchanting show. This place is perfect for relaxing after a busy day, while enjoying a local beer or a refreshing cocktail.

Monastère Montréal

Events Not to Miss:

  • Opening of the Circus Guinguette: June 27 from 5 PM, free entry.
  • Circus Guinguette: Every Friday of the summer from 5 PM, free entry.
  • Last Judgment Cabaret: July 5, 6, 11, 12, and 13 starting at 7 PM. Reserve your tickets here and use the promo code COCKTAILSULPICE to get a free cocktail with every ticket purchased.

Let yourself be entertained in a magical universe for unforgettable moments. For more information about this captivating event, visit Le Monastère. It’s one of the things to do in Montreal in July.

Les Premiers Vendredis: Montreal’s Street Food

If you are looking for what to do in Montreal this July, don’t miss Les Premiers Vendredis. This event is one of Montreal’s hidden gems, held on the first Friday of each month, gathers the best food trucks in Montreal at Esplanade Financière Sun Life at the Olympic Stadium. It’s a great opportunity to discover the culinary diversity of Montreal enjoying a festive and friendly atmosphere.

Why should I go?

  • Diverse Cuisine: Savour dishes ranging from reinvented poutine to gourmet tacos and international specialities.
  • Unique Atmosphere: Enjoy live music, artistic performances, and a night market ambience.
  • Free Access: A pleasant and free outing for the whole family or with friends.

For more information, check out the event details on Les Premiers Vendredis. It’s a perfect activity for those wondering what to do in Montreal in July.

Bike Tour of the Quebec Metropolis with Fitz Montreal

Discovering Montreal by bike is a must-do activities this summer. Fits Montreal offers guided bike tours that take you through the city’s most iconic neighbourhoods. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cyclist, these tours are a great way to see the city from a Montrealer’s perspective.

Tour Options:

  • Plateau and Mile-End Tour: Explore artistic and trendy neighbourhoods with stops at iconic places like Jean-Talon Market.
  • Historical City Tour: Discover Montreal’s historical treasures while cycling through its extraordinary streets.

These tours offer a unique opportunity to discover the city’s hidden gems and learn more about its history and culture, and are definitely one of the best things to do in Montreal in July. To book your tour, visit Fitz Montreal and plan your biking adventure.

Grande Roue Montréal

While the Grande Roue is not a well-kept secret, it remains a must-see attraction for anyone wondering what to do in Montreal in July. Located in the Old Port, this majestic 60-meter-high wheel offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and the majestic Saint Lawrence River.

Grande Roue Montréal

Why should I visit?

  • Unbeatable View: Admire Montreal from a unique angle and enjoy a spectacular view of the Saint Lawrence River and the entire city.
  • Special Offer: If you take our special offer, you get not only a night in a luxurious suite at your promotional hotel but also an entry ticket to the Grande Roue per person.

For more details on this must-see experience visit La Grande Roue de Montréal. Even if it’s not a “hidden gem”, it’s undoubtedly one of the things to do in Montreal in July 2024 that offers an unforgettable experience.

Montreal in July is a destination rich in unique activities and events that will satisfy all tastes. Whether you’re drawn to the enchanting circus shows at the Monastère, the culinary delights of Les Premiers Vendredis, a guided bike tour with Fitz Montreal, or a breathtaking view from the top of the Grande Roue de Montréal, there are always things to do in Montreal to make your stay memorable. Don’t forget to take advantage of our special promotions at the Hotel Saint-Sulpice.

Book your stay at our Old Montreal Hotel and enjoy the many activities Montreal has to offer this summer.

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