Sustainable development program


This month we are mobilizing for Earth Day Canada and our collection will be dedicated to them.

Each month, one of our employees chooses the organization or the cause that is close to his heart, and which will be the lucky recipient of our monthly collection.

Our green program, which will soon celebrate its 1 year, is an opportunity for our guest to participate in reducing our environmental footprint and to financially support (without paying money) an organization.

This month Charlotte Lemoine, our director of revenue, chose the association Earth Day Canada. Indeed, sensitive for many years to climate change, Charlotte is involved in the sustainable committee of the Hotel and participates in the many actions that the hotel deploys to protect the environment.

She explains the reasons for her choice:

‘The ecology has always been close to my heart. I love to travel and when I started to work in the tourism industry, I realized the importance of sustainable tourism to be able to protect this beautiful planet we love to explore. It was therefore natural that I wrote my master’s thesis on how compatible the luxury hotels and sustainable development can be. I am always very interested in finding new sustainable concrete actions.’

The Earth Day Mission

Earth day Canada to save the planet

To help people and organizations reduce their environmental impact.

Earth Day was first celebrated on 22 April 1970, often considered as the birth of the environmental movement. Over the years, Earth Day has become the largest participatory environmental movement on the planet.

Earth Day Canada has developed many awareness and action programs, because Earth Day is not just April 22, but every day!

Discover here the actions, webinars, programs, that each of us can do on our own and which have an impact on our environment. Individually, companies, communities, we are all invited to inform and train ourselves, to better respect the environment.

We thank you in advance for your contribution, because every gesture counts!

The team Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal

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