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Green and social program

Développement durable Sustainable development program

Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel supports the arthritis Society of Canada with its Green Program

In October, our collection will be dedicated to the Arthritis Society of Canada.

Sophie Légaré, our Housekeeping Manager, chose the Arthritis Society of Canada for the monthly fundraising from our Green Program. Sophie is particularly sensitive to this cause and explains why: ‘I chose this cause because my mother has suffered from severe rheumatoid arthritis for 27 years. Thanks to the Arthritis Society of Canada, which covered the cost of treatment, my mother participated in trial treatments (as a guinea pig) REMICADE. Without these treatments, she would have been in a wheelchair and completely immobile for 25 years. I would like today to be able to collect a nice sum of money so that other people can benefit from their support in turn. I also have a very close friend who is only 47 years old, and who is no longer part of active life because of this same disease. It is a disease that is very painful for the person who has it. It immobilizes and in fact impacts all members of the family. It is relatively unknown and even children can be affected.’

Throughout the month of October, we invite guests who stay at the hotel to contribute to our collection by refusing housekeeping. For each refusal, the hotel Le Saint-Sulpice collects $5/day.

Since June, the hotel has launched the Green Program, which aims to promote all actions of sustainable and social development. Both through the financial support of organizations, but also in the daily management of the hotel: in waste management, energy saving, choice of suppliers, recycling…

Saint-Sulpice hôtel Montréal soutient la société de l'arthrite Canada

The Mission of The Arthritis Society of Canada

société arthrite du canada soutenu par Le Saint-Sulpice Hôtel Montréal à travers son programme vert

The fire of arthritis scorches the lives of six million of our loved ones, friends and neighbours. It is Canada’s most common chronic condition, yet it rarely gets the attention it deserves. That’s why the Arthritis Society is on a mission to change the conversation and let the world know it’s not “just” arthritis.

Fortunately, we’re fueled by a community of generous, loyal supporters who share our commitment to fighting the fire of arthritis with the fire of research, innovation, advocacy, and information and support.

We are a national charity with local impact. Your donations make a difference for people living with arthritis in every province. Thank you!

Arthritis is Canada’s most common chronic disease, scorching the lives of approximately 1.25 million people in Quebec. The Arthritis Society is committed to helping all Canadians fight the fire of arthritis with research, advocacy, innovation and information and support.

Donor support enables us to invest in research to better understand, diagnose and treat arthritis, with a goal to one day extinguish it for good. We advocate to all levels of government on the most pressing issues affecting people with arthritis, their families and caregivers. Drawing on the expertise of healthcare professionals, our information, resources and tools provide trusted, patient-centric information to thousands of people from Quebec.

To learn more: https:/ 

Discover the beautiful testimony of Sandra suffering from arthritis at 58 years old and who today is a postwoman despite the disease.

We thank you in advance for your generous contribution!


Sustainable development program

In november, we collect in favour of CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation

The organism supported by Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal through its Green Program is the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation.

Guests staying at the hotel in the month of November are asked to opt out of their site housekeeping service during their stay. For each refusal, the hotel donates $5 to the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation and thus contributes financially to the many actions deployed to provide excellent care to mothers and children. Through this action, our guests also contribute to a collective effort to reduce GHGs.

collecte siant sulpice hotel montréal pour la fondation CHU ste justine pour une meilleure santé des bébés

Marc-André Dandeneau, General Manager of Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal, explains the reasons for his choice to support this CHU Sainte-Justine foundation.

‘November 20, 2022 will be the International Children’s Day.  The well-being of children is very relative from one country to another.  Not all children have the chance to grow up safely or have access to all the resources they need to thrive.  In Canada, there is also a great disparity between regions and many children grow up in poverty.  We must ensure that, at the grassroots level, children have the right to the same level of education and have access to a good health system. I chose the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation because they make sure to offer quality pediatric care to children from all backgrounds without judgment.’


Collect of le saint-sulpice hotel montreal for the benefit of CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation

Guided by its engagement, solidarity, authenticity and responsible leadership, the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation’s mission is to engage the community and support the CHU Sainte-Justine in its pursuit of excellence and its commitment to providing children and mothers with one of the highest levels of health care in the world, now and in the future.

Since its beginnings in 1987, the Foundation has been engaging the community to make the CHU Sainte-Justine what it is today and what it will be tomorrow: a world-class university health centre that is building a healthier future for mothers and children.

The foundation regularly launches major donation campaigns to support health projects for children and their mothers.

We are happy to be able to contribute on our scale to tomorrow’s projects for better health for all children who have to deal with the disease.

We thank you in advance for your contribution!


Karin Janssen