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St-Sulpice stories

St-Sulpice stories

It’s Holiday season in Old Montreal

It’s Holiday season in Old Montreal

The Holiday magic is back at Le Saint-Sulpice Hôtel Montréal!

Le Saint-Sulpice Hôtel Montréal has put on its brightest lights! Shining trees and colourful Christmas decorations have been placed in our front windows, to welcome curious souls. Do not hesitate to come in for a visit and have a seat next to the warm fireplace. There, you will find our gold and silver-coloured Christmas tree, which will enchant young and old.

Holiday Season Decorations

Hotel Holiday Decorations

Thank you to the artists of Vertuose, the creators of this year’s Holiday decorations.

Before Santa comes to town…

For all to enjoy, Old Montreal is the ideal place to stay this Holiday season. Its cobblestones streets, its Christmas decorations all along Saint-Paul Street as well as its horse-carriage rides (when the mild weather allows it), make Old Montreal the perfect place to wander around during Christmas time.

Holiday decorations: Our favorites

Only 2 minutes away from Le Saint-Sulpice Hôtel: One of our favorites this Holiday season is the beautiful tree of shinning lights in front of the Notre-Dame Basilica. Its white lights stand together in perfect harmony with the blue angel lights hanging from the Basilica. In fact, photos of this tree have been shared numerous times on social media by photographers and amateurs. Other decorations not to miss in Old Montreal are the white fairy lights that illuminate Saint-Paul Street from one end to the other. While you walk along, they will make you feel like you’re in a Christmas movie.

Notre-Dame Basilica Holiday decorations

© Cameron McLenan

Holiday season makes us hungry!

When the winter and cold settles in, who doesn’t love a good hearty meal with his family and friends around a large table? Turkey, foie gras, beef stew or a Quebec classic, Grandma’s meat pie. It’s exactly what inspired the Chef of Restaurant Sinclair when he prepared his Holiday menu. With a blend of local products and a French inspiration, it’s a menu that foodies will feast on. For example, the duck parmentier with iced maple Nantaises or the oven-seared bison steak from Quebec with its sautéed porcini mushrooms and black truffle oil are items on the menu to taste without a doubt.

Christmas Dinner Menu
Christmas Brunch Menu
New Year’s Eve Menu

 After dinner, what should we do?

Old Montreal is animated: activities for all
Apart from dinner with the family, you must be wondering what are the best activities to do in Old Montreal during this Holiday season. With our loved-one, our friends or our family, there are enough activities for all to enjoy. Every year, our guests count on the expertise of our Concierges Clefs d’Or to recommend cultural, gourmet and fun activities to do around the hotel.

This year, from December 1st 2016 to January 1st 2017, Le Saint-Sulpice Hôtel Montréal is lucky to be in the center of the action during Merry Montreal, happening just a few minutes away. Wander around the cobblestone streets of the neighborhood and visit the Christmas market on Place Jacques-Cartier, where you will find gifts, treats and discoveries from Quebec microbreweries.

You may also assist to one of their outdoor Holiday flicks, presented in French with English subtitles. Come watch some Holiday classics under a warm blanket with a cup of hot chocolate. On the menu: karaoke, come meet Santa, photo workshops and many more…

Also, do not miss out on the New Year’s party which will be held on Place Jacques-Cartier. Fireworks, performances and special guests will all be part of the show.

Merry Montreal New Year's party

© Merry Montreal

What is Christmas like at Le Saint-Sulpice Hôtel Montréal?

We all have different plans during this Holiday season. Some prefer to take vacations away from the cold, many Quebecers also have the tradition of spending Christmas at the cottage, away from the city.

A typical evening at Le Saint-Sulpice Hôtel would look a lot like this: First, gather around a cozy fireplace with a nice glass of wine in one of our suites. Then, head down to dinner at the Sinclair for a hearty Christmas meal.

And finally, why not end with an nightly excursion in the Old Montreal neighbourhood? Take a ride on the Bonsecours outdoor skating rink or finish off the evening by warming up at one of the Holiday hot spots with a nice cup of hot chocolate… Ah… The wonderful joy of Christmas.

How about you? What are your plans for the Holidays?

Old Montreal skating rink

© MTTQ, Pictures Canada

Happy Holidays!
Jennifer Bédard

Special thanks to Vertuose our flower designer team for the beautiful Christmas decorations!

St-Sulpice stories

Our Stay at Le St-Sulpice Hotel Montreal by Mary Lynn Kimberly Kiley

We feel very lucky that with our blog come many opportunities to travel and stay in many hotels. Sometimes our experience is «ok», but other times it is amazing!

Whether we are talking about customer service, cleanliness, or location, the hotel has to make us feel like home in order to make our stay perfect no matter if we are in another city, country or 30 minutes from home.

Our experience at the Saint-Sulpice was equal and beyond those standards and expectations.

Last September, Emile, Marie-Pier and I got the chance to go and to be (hosted) taken care of by the lovely Saint-Sulpice hotel located in the heart of Old Montreal. Rated 4 stars and 4 diamonds, the establishment offers 108 luxurious suites and the one we got to stay in made us feel and sleep like queens. That is why we want to tell you a bit more about it!

More about our experience…

First of all, we have to talk about the location of the Saint-Sulpice because it is an undeniable asset. Old Montreal is charming for long walks, nice for lunch or diner, or simply beautiful to look at. The welcoming and the customer service at the hotel made us feel safe from our first minutes in. In the lobby of our suite, a little hand-written note had been placed on the table just for us. It’s a little thing, but in our eyes those are the most important. There was also a gift box of l’Occitane products waiting for us in the room and that was a fun coincidence because that happens to be one of our favourite brands!

instagram fabrique crepue
Picture credit : Emilie Morin

After putting down our luggage, we made ourselves a good coffee, slipped on the white fluffy robes like we were in a movie. At that moment right there, we were in heaven. The room was luminous and wide and it felt good to have that much space in a hotel room. Often, when we stay in hotels, we are in a hurry to get outside because the rooms are just not comfortable or big enough to work or truly relax.  That was clearly not the case at the Saint-Sulpice, where everything is made in a way that will make every visitor feel welcomed and comfortable.

St- Sulpice hotel Deluxe suite

«In addition to being located in the heart of Old Montreal and to offering amazing service, the hotel surprises me by the unique experience it offers. Their will to be different is present from start to finish and also in the smallest details possible. My favourite thing in the room was the coffee table book on the nightstand, called « Histoires sans suites» that was specially created for the hotel by 14 writers from here and there. In a world where everything is being standardized, the Saint-Sulpice knows how to stand out by doing things in a unique way and I love that.» – Marie-Pier Guillot

The next morning…

As we exited our room the next morning to start our day, we were greeted at the Sinclair restaurant for a simple but delicious breakfast.

Restaurant Sinclair

Other interesting facts about the hotel

After the success of the short film La Valise, and in its continuous will to amaze your imagination, the hotel has emerged itself in a new project, just as original as the first one; the creation of an art gallery and the development of a mobile and digital guide, the entry ticket for an immersive visit.

This project is the fruit of an artistic love story with famous designer, Jean-Claude Poitras. The hotel as literally fallen under the spell of his artwork and has quickly decided to support this artist by acquiring 11 of his art pieces. Assembled for a unique and permanent exposition, those art pieces are exposed on each one of the floors of the hotel, thus transforming each of them in a small art gallery. «Body and Soul» follows the artistic course of this amazing creator.

Jean-Claude Poitras à l'hôtel Le St-Sulpice


A few minutes of walk from the hotel you can find a small restaurant that serves delicious food and that I strongly recommend. The Venice Mtl specializes in poke bowls and seriously, it’s the best ones I have ever tasted!

poke bowl

The atmosphere is relaxing, the staff is cool and the food is absolutely delicious. I strongly recommend you try it!

Venice Montreal

Hotel Contact Information

414, Saint-Sulpice Street
Montréal, QC
H2y 2v5
514 288-1000
1 877 785-7423 (no charge)

Find more information HERE.

P.-S. A special thank you to Karin Janssen.

Mary-Lynn blogger

By Mary Lynn Kimberly Kiley
La fabrique crêpue

St-Sulpice stories

Spa scandinave Old Montreal

Spa Scandinave Old Montreal

Are you looking for a relaxation escape? Don’t look further! Located 2 minutes away from le St-Sulpice Hotel Montreal, the spa scandinave Old Montreal will answer all your expectations.

With its unique soft light and peaceful ambiance created by the sound of the waterfalls and the relaxing music, you will straight away immerse in this universe of absolute wellness. In this urban spa, silence is the key. By embracing silence, one finds inner stillness leading to complete relaxation.

3 experiences : the hot baths, eucalyptus steam bath and sauna.

Waterfalls at Spa Scandinave

To make your hydrotherapy experience completely beneficial, you will have to follow 3 steps:

First comes the body-heating period (10 to 15min) – if you choose the hot baths don’t miss a back-massage under the waterfalls!- when the surface blood vessels dilate and carry more blood to the skin’s surface. The raised body temperature this produces causes profuse sweating that cleanses the skin.

The second stage consists of closing the pores of the skin through a beneficial rinse in cool water through a Nordic shower or cold plunge (a few seconds). Of course enter a foot under this freezing water might be difficult but it is really essential to feel really good after! Trust us! We recommend the Nordic shower… it’s easier and shorter!

The final stage is designed to allow the cardiovascular system to regulate itself through a period of relaxation in the privacy of the relaxation areas. You will enjoy the comfortable cushions for 2. Just read a magazine or let your mind wander and take a break! We invite you to try the closed relaxation area… you will definitely fall asleep in 5 minutes!

You can make this cycle 3 times but don’t forget to respect the relaxation step and to hydrate! Tea and citrus water pitchers are available for free.

Relaxation areas Spa scandinave

Intimate atmosphere in one of the relaxation areas



Treat yourself to a soothing massage :

There is a large place dedicated to massage treatments. Different types of therapeutic massages are available: from the solo or duo Swedish massage (60 to 90 minutes), the Lomi-atsu, deep tissue, hot stone and even prenatal massage.




Guests from Le St-Sulpice Hotel Montreal enjoy special rates

Because of its location and its high standards services, the spa Scandinave Old Montreal works very closely with Le St-Sulpice Hotel Montreal. We created the absolute wellness package including one night in a beautiful Superior suite, continental breakfast, baths access and one-hour Swedish massage for 2, and late check-out at 3pm.

For either bath access or massage treatment, le St-Sulpice Hotel Montreal guests benefit from privileged rates.

Just contact our concierge before your arrival or while check-in, they will be more than happy to help you and to make your reservation!

Karin Janssen, marketing manager

St-Sulpice stories

Le St-Sulpice, one of the first boutique hotels in Old Montreal

Boutique hotel concept:

The concept of a boutique hotel appears in the 1980s’ in the United States. The aim was to find a response to the larger hotel chains standardization. This distinctiveness was based on location, the size, the architecture and design, the history of the hotel and the development of ultra-personalized services.

Boutique hotels appeared in Old Montreal in the early 2000s’. Le St-Sulpice hotel Montreal, built in 2001, belongs to the first boutique hotel wave and gathers all the characteristics of a boutique hotel.

The warm of the lobby in a boutique hotel

Our cosy lobby awaits you! Take the time and relax in front of the fireplace…

Its location:

Ideally located in the heart of Old Montreal, steps away from the Basilica Notre-Dame, one of the most historic attractions of Old Montreal. Old Montreal is the most touristic, historic and cultural area of Montreal: with its numerous museums, historic buildings with their unique French colonial style, boutiques and art galleries, bars and award- winning restaurants and all the touristic attractions of the Old Port…You will be in the heart of the action! See the map

Ideally located : adjacent to Notre-Dame Basilica

Adjacent to Notre-Dame Basilica one of the most popular attraction

Its history:

This boutique hotel was built on the historic foundation of Charles Le Moyne and Jacques Le Ber’s house, both were famous fur traders in the 17th century. The site became in the early 19th the head office of the Consolidated Plate Glass of Canada Ltd and later on a parking. The first stone of le Saint-Sulpice hotel was laid on March 2001.

To notice, the hotel offers a great view on the discrete but famous garden of the St-Sulpice Seminary, occupied by the Sulpicians since 1685. This seminary and the St-Sulpice religious community are linked to the evangelization and Christian movement coming from France in the 17th century. And more specifically though the missionary M. Jean-Jacques Olier who wanted to settle a colony in Ville-Marie (Montreal) in 1642 and to evangelize the Native American.

Suites with balcony with garden view

The suites with balcony offers a great view on the courtyard garden

Its size:

With 108 elegant and spacious suites the hotel welcomes you in a warm, cozy atmosphere and invites you to feel at home. The U-shape building opens on the hotel’s courtyard garden and creates a lovely and friendly environment.

The attentive staff, some of whom have worked for the hotel since its opening, welcomes you warmly and offers an ultra-personalized service. Many of our guests appreciate our staff loyalty: they always welcome with a smile and they will be able to anticipate your needs, by knowing your habits and preferences.

Its design :

With its European touch, the architecture of le Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal respects the spirit of the French colonial style of Old Montreal. The simple stone facade doesn’t reveal all of  about the warm and friendly atmosphere you will experience once you enter our boutique hotel.

The cozy lobby with its warm and gold colors invites you to relax on the couch in front of the fireplace. Follow the hall of caramel leather columns and discover the modern and glass space of the Sinclair restaurant.

As the hotel was built on a parking lot, the architects of Béïque, Thuot, Legault could have all liberty and the space to draw the plans of the 108 different suites.

The classical and cozy style of our suites is reflected in the woodwork you can find on the walls and kitchenettes. Year after year, the designers added contemporary touches like the arabesque figures in the black and white carpet, the red in the bed covers or in the artworks, or the modern design of the glass coffee tables and the lights.

Luxuary Suites

The elegant and contemporary design of the suites

In a boutique hotel, everything is for sale!

Do you like the comfort of our mattresses and pillows, our bathrobes, the nice and subtle fragrance of L’Occitane en Provence amenities products, our branded umbrellas or one of the artworks exhibited in the hotel? They are for sale! You can buy them at reception and for the biggest items, we will give you the contact of our suppliers.

uxury amenities by L'Occitane

You will appreciate the refined amenities by L’Occitane en Provence

Karin Janssen, marketing manager

St-Sulpice stories

Art gallery hotel

Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal,
a hotel gallery in Old Montreal

 Our goal: to get our guests to discover local artists

Since the hotel’s opening, we’ve always exhibited artwork in the public areas. We strive to create and share refined and original experiences with our guests and artwork exhibitions are one of the ways we do so. We want you to indulge your imagination! This is our signature and why we want our guests to discover the local culture through different artists, mainly coming from the Quebec province. We collaborate with the artists themselves or with Montreal art galleries, more specifically Simon Blais gallery and Roccia gallery.

Start your visit in the lobby

Once you enter the St-Sulpice hotel, you will right away be attracted by the beautiful bronze sculpture Become from André Desjardins. Go on further in the lobby and discover 2 pieces from the same artist: the Sea on your right and Voler plus haut (fly higher) on your left. On your right, you will see Marie-France Boisvert’s pieces All the pretty girls and Memories, without missing the blue from Ariane Blais along the corridor facing the hotel’s garden.

Become by Andre Desjardins

Discover the sculpture Become by Andre Desjardins in the entrance of the lobby

Go down on the ss-level, and have a at another Ariane Blais piece as you exit the elevator and walk to the St-Paul meeting room to see the great mirror She’s got the look from Guy Hamelin, a Quebec painter and photographer.

Please not that all the artwork exhibited are for sale.

Continue your visit upstairs and discover our permanent exhibition Body and Soul by Jean-Claude Poitras 

This project started in 2014 during a cocktail happening at Roccia gallery. We literally fell in love with the artworks of Jean-Claude Poitras, and convinced our management to buy 11 artworks to create a permanent exhibition at the hotel.

our hotel gallery offers a permanent exhibition to visit: Body and Soul

Visit our permanent exhibition Body and Soul by quebec artist Jean-Claude Poitras

On all 5 floors of the hotel, in special sections renovated in the form of an art gallery with special design and lighting, discover this stunning collection that traces the career of this remarkable artist. His graceful silhouettes, the beauty and refinement of his works, evoke what our hotel has become over the past two years as we have refined our distinctive brand.

Thanks to our mobile guide,  visitors can enjoy an immersive tour, weaving poetry and music together. Another original way to discover this exhibition. You will just have to connect with your phone or tablet!

Enjoy your visit!

Karin Janssen, marketing manager

hotel gallery : les Cigales, by Jean-Claude Poitras

Beautiful artworks to discover on all 5 floors of the hotel

More information about the artists you can discover in our hotel gallery:

André Desjardins

André Desjardins is an artist well known around the world. Painter and sculptor he participated to the New York art Expo in 2008, where he had lots of success. He became more and more famous internationally as he was helped by a Californian company specialized in visual artist careers. His artworks are now exhibited in numerous galleries and public or private collections around the world including the Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal! Watch the video explaining the creation of Become

Ariane Blais

Ariane Blais grew up surrounded by paintings, tubes and jars of paint and brushes. Her mother, an artist herself, taught her art for over 20 years. Thus, at a very young age, Ariane developed a natural attraction to colors, textures and movements.  Travel is central to Ariane’s artistic approach. These travels ended in 2010 when she presented her Fire exhibition during The Vancouver Olympics. She returns home filled with faith in human beauty that will influence her artwork for years to come. Now living in Montreal, Ariane is investing herself in various personally significant artistic projects

Marie-France Boisvert :

We are very happy to welcome artworks of this Quebec artist who has been a prolific painter and sculptor for more than 20 years. Now working in Montreal, Marie-France Boisvert continues with the same enthusiasm to accumulate awards, mentions and peer recognition with exhibits in Canada, the United States and Europe.  Discover her work in our lobby. Discover her work

Guy Hamelin

Born in Montreal Guy Hamelin has devoted himself to his art for more than 16 years. Painter, photographer, and filmmaker, he now enjoys the present moment. The movement called the Ripple effect is what we find on his artworks. It is reminiscent of the waves caused by a pebble thrown in the water and represents the water in the human body, source of life…

Jean-Claude Poitras, artist – fashion designer

Early on, his collections were celebrated on prestigious fashion runways across the globe and Jean-Claude Poitras soon was acclaimed as Canada’s leading fashion bright star. His international recognition earned him the Ordre National du Québec as well as the Order of Canada. He then turned around and used his talent to reimagine dining elegance and interior design. He now devotes himself to painting and exhibits his artworks in many events and galleries.

St-Sulpice stories

the Chef Concierge

Alain Ethier, Chef-concierge

Alain Ethier, our Chef-concierge, has been with Le St-Sulpice Hotel Montreal for 7 years, he manages our dynamic team of three concierges at your service.

Les concierges du St-Sulpice

Our concierge expert team: from left to right: Maxime Martin, Fannie de Lorenzi et Alain Ethier

Alain has been a concierge since 2000 and is a proud member of Les Clefs d’Or, a worldwide professional concierge association, since 2002. He is currently the Public Relations Director for Les Clefs d’Or Canada. With over 25 years of experience in the Montreal hotel industry, all in 5 and 4 stars hotels, he is an expert on professional customer service and warm hospitality while keeping an open mind on the new needs of today’s travelers.

Public Relationship Director Les Clefs d'Or Canada

Public Relationship Director Les Clefs d’Or Canada

Whenever he is not standing behind the concierge desk in our lobby, Alain is seen personally experiencing the best Montreal has to offer to our guests and visitors. He keeps his finger on the pulse of the city by trying new and old restaurants, visiting attractions, attending shows, press conferences and openings and establishing privileged contacts with the key people in the city so he can be able to offer exclusive and unique experiences to our guests.

Alain knows that each guest has different tastes and needs. His daily challenge is to match the perfect experiences for each individual. That’s why he asks a lot of questions and listens carefully to your answers. Because, after all these years, a happy and satisfied customer is still the greatest reward.

St-Sulpice stories

In-room spa service!

Spa treatments by Appia

No need to move Appia comes to you: massages and treatments in the comfort of your suite

Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal partners with many companies, each a reference in their respective field, so we can offer our guests the best experience possible.

Our partner APPIA will provide you massages and spa treatments in the comfort of your suite! No need to go out, Appia comes to you! All Appia treatments are performed by therapists who are certified by a Canadian professional association.

Massages and spa treatments menu

Appia offers a large choice of massages spa and body treatments

Manicure, pedicure, facial or body treatments, treat yourself during your stay at Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal. Indulge in a wellness break: enjoy a couples or solo massage. Choose for example between the fresh awakening, into the woods, a custom massage or the hands and feet renewal treatment.

Massages and spa treatments

Relaxation moment: enjoy a solo or couple massage

For your next stay at Le St-Sulpice hotel, book our in-room massage package.

Relaxed musical atmosphere, dimmed lights and the warmth of the suites, and of course,
the know-how of the therapists will immerse you into an absolute relaxation universe.

Imagine yourself on a sunny private rooftop terrace in one of our presidential suites in summertime, or in a cozy and warm atmosphere with a fireplace in the cold wintertime…


Skincare products by Appia

Appia is also a line of 100% natural, unisex products formulated using local ingredients.


APPIA created a complete 100% natural skincare collection: white spruce body oil, Canadian mineral tonic mist, American clay powder cleanser or cranberry seed face oil, shampoos, to name a few…You can also get these products at the hotel reception.

Don’t forget to make an appointment before your arrival or while checking-in. The concierges will be more than happy to assist you.


Karin Janssen, marketing manager