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The Best Guided Tours in Montreal

Montreal, a city full of history

Montreal, this beautiful island filled with history. But how do we get to know her in only a few days? By living here, we get to know her little by little. In the winter, she is cold and calm. In the spring, she flowers and in the summer, she is festive and animated. Without forgetting fall when she exposes her prettiest colours before she goes back to sleep for the winter. Montreal, this city that just celebrated its 375th anniversary is rich in history, gastronomy, culture and art. But how do we get to know her when you are just passing by? Guided tours are simple and fun ways to discover the city the fastest way possible.

Only a few steps away from Le Saint-Sulpice Hôtel, located in the heart of Old Montreal’s history, we can find many ways to discover this charming city: By foot for the curious, by bus for those in a hurry, at night for the night owls, by bike for the adventurers, or through gastronomy for the foodies. No matter how you wish to discover Montreal, all ways are possible. We list a few of the best guided tours in Montreal here.

Historic Tours

Montreal Ghosts

If you are looking for a guided tour that will make you go through all sorts of emotions at nightfall, all while telling you sordid stories, legends and criminal intrigues, Montreal Ghosts is the ideal tour for you. Located a few steps away from Le Saint-Sulpice Hôtel, this tour offered by Guidatour will make you live a unique and memorable experience.

Cité Mémoire

Since the beginning of the year, Montréal en Histoires was able to created a unique and interactive walking tour, all for free. By downloading the free app, discover Old Montreal through more than 20 outdoor displays in the form of images, lyrics and music. These projections tell the stories of different characters who witnessed the evolution of the city through time. Cité Mémoire, is, also, only a few steps away from the hotel and is available every evening from 8 p.m. to midnight.

Cité Mémore, Montréal en Histoires

Cité Mémoire, Montréal en Histoires



Montréal à la loupe

No matter how old we are, riddles and puzzles have always known to wake the child in us. Montréal à la loupe is a track game which will awaken the detective in you and help you discover the city through 3 different games: Robbery in Old Montreal, Mystery at the Casino (Plateau Mont-Royal), or threat in the underground. In a team, you will need to solve a puzzle where the hints can be found in the different pieces of public art of the city. Our team recently tried it, and we highly recommend it!

Underground City and Downtown

Our guests are always intrigued to find out “What is this underground city that everybody talks about?” They hear about it so often back home that it becomes a must on their list during their stay at Le Saint-Sulpice Hôtel. Underground City by Guidatour is an urban excursion that will guide you through the streets of downtown and through the RÉSO (underground pedestrian network). You will be able to admire the artworks of Dorchester Square, pass by the big Ville-Marie tower or go shopping on the commercial street of Sainte-Catherine.

Bike Tours

What’s great about Montreal is its bike lane network that goes through the whole city, to Sainte-Hélène Island and beyond. In Montreal, it is possible to go from the North of the city and get to the South Shore, all on a bike lane. For adventurers and nature lovers, Montreal offers you two companies with which you will be able to discover Montreal all while riding a bike.

Montreal On Wheels

First of all, Montreal on Wheels, which is located less than a minute away from Le Saint-Sulpice Hôtel Montréal, offers many guided bike tours, bike rentals and even bike lessons. Isn’t that great? They specialize mostly in tours around Old Montreal, the Lachine Canal and Sainte-Hélène Island/Jean-Drapeau Park.

Fitz & Follwell

Comparatively, Fitz & Follwell offer itineraries in the North of Montreal, in the South, or from North to South, allowing you to see the entire city. This family company that started in a home garage in 2008, concentrates on fun, informative and social tours.

Ça Roule Montréal On Wheels

Ça Roule Montréal On Wheels

Fitz and Follwell

Fitz and Follwell Tour à velo, Bike Tour

Foodie Tours

Spade & Palacio

Spade & Palacio were really able to build their brand by offering “non-touristy tours” that will give you the impression of leaving as a true Montrealer. In this foodie tour, you will discover 6 restaurants and bars, passing by the famous Jean-Talon Market and the Mile-Ex, this rapidly expanding gastronomic neighborhood. You will even have the chance to taste the best little Salvadorian restaurant in Montreal, this city that shines by its multicultural flavors. At the end of the tour, you will be able to sit down with the people you met during the day and chat around a nice craft beer. Then, continue your gourmet discovery on your own thanks to the list of suggestions offered by Spade & Palacio.

Spade & Palacio

Spade & Palacio

Local Montreal Tours

What’s great with Local Montreal Tours is that they offer tours in the three most foodie neighborhoods of the city: Old Montreal, Mile-End and the Plateau Mont-Royal & “The Main” (St-Laurent Street, where is located the famous Schwartz Deli). They also offer evening tours of Mile-End, for those who like to marry the tastes of food with local craft beers from this vibrant neighborhood.

Local Montreal Tours, Mile-End

Local Montreal Tours, Mile-End

Montreal Craft Beer Tours

For those who love craft beers, you will be happy to know that Montreal Craft Beer Tours offers two itineraries either in Rosemont or the Quartier des spectacles (Festival Quarter). Discover not less than 6 tastings with pairings, including a delicious poutine!

Bus Tours

Gray Line Bus Tours

For rainy days, short vacations or simply for those who like the admire the scenery, the “Double-Decker” bus tours from Gray Line will be ideal for you. For as low as 55$ per person and valid for two days, discover all the major attractions of the city, passing by Old Montreal, Chinatown, the Quartier des spectacles, the Village, the St-Joseph Oratory, the Museum of Fine Arts, and Mont-Royal Park, among others. What is great with this tour is the “hop-on, hop-off” concept, where you will be able to get off and back on at whichever destination you prefer visiting.

Gray Line Tours

Gray Line Tours, Oratoire St-Joseph

On behalf of our entire team at Le Saint-Sulpice Hôtel Montréal, we wish you a pleasant discovery of this beautiful city that is Montreal.

Jennifer Bédard
Marketing Manager

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