hotelgallery body and soul by Jean-Claude poitras body and soul by Jean-Claude poitras

When a boutique hotel becomes a hotel gallery

What began with the screening of our short film La Valise, produced by the hotel, continues to unfold in the immersive experience of Jean-Claude Poitras’ permanent exhibition, Body & Soul.

A surge of artistic passion inspired us to open a gallery in the Saint-Sulpice Hôtel Montréal. Quite simply the magic of Jean-Claude Poitras’ Cicadas captivated us. We wanted to create the perfect space to acquire and exhibit this stunning collection that traces his remarkable career. His graceful silhouettes, the beauty and refinement of his works, evoke what our hotel has become over the past two years as we have refined our distinctive brand.

Jean-Claude Poitras 
Famous Quebec Designer

Early on, his collections were celebrated on prestigious fashion runways across the globe and he soon was acclaimed as Canada’s leading fashion light. His international renown earned him the Ordre National du Québec as well as the Order of Canada. He then turned is talents to reimagining dining elegance and interior design. Now he devotes himself to painting and is represented by Gallery Roccia, of Montreal. More information

An immersive experience

Discover Jean-Claude Poitras's works on all 5 floors of the hotel renovated in an art gallery with special design and lighting. Thanks to the contribution of famous Quebec Composer François Dompierre and violinist Angèle Dubeau, visitors can enjoy an immersive tour, weaving poetry and music together, with our mobile guide. You will just have to connect with your phone or tablet !